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The Holy Monastery of the Transfiguration belongs to the Holy Metropolis of Langadas, Lete and Rentina. It is situated on the lush lower slopes of Mt. Vertiskos, in the district of Sohos, at a altitude of 600-700m. The Monastery Feast is held on 6th August, when the Transfiguration of our Lord in His majestic glory is celebrated. On the eve of the feast there is an overnight wake, until the holy panegyric mass is held in the morning in accordance to Athonian order. A second feast the Monastery observes is the celebration in memory of the Holy Fathers of Mt. Athos, who led ascetic lives in austere self-discipline; the Monastery Church [Katholikon] is dedicated to them. Following its founding works, the Monastery Church is still under further construction. The Feast of the Katholikon is held on All Saints’ Sunday. A third major wake is held in the memory of St. Maximus the Confessor (21 January); he was one of the major mystics and sober fathers of our Church. Wakes are also held on Feasts of Jesus Christ, Feasts of Mother Mary and in memory of major martyrs, fathers and saints. Monastery masses observe Athonian Liturgical Rites [Typicon]. Our Monastery is open for pious pilgrims every day from 08:00 to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 18:00. Daily Vespers mass is held at 16:00. The first Sunday of every month, after the Holy Mass, Bible study is held with the participation of all attending congregation members at the Monastery Reception Hall [Archontariki]. On the eve of the first Sunday of every month the Blessing of the Holy Oils takes place (Euchelaion). Host bread [Prosphoron] Blessing services [Sarantaleitourga] are also scheduled. On the last Saturday of every month, unless there is an extraordinary event, Holy Confession is offered. Pilgrims are advised to make arrangements with the Confessor [Pneumatikos]. The Holy Monastery compiles and circulates two periodical publications, named PROS IEREA and THAVOR (‘To the Priest’ and ‘Mt. Tabor’), which are offered free of charge.

The Holy Monastery Publications present patristic texts and other books on constructive, theological, anti-heretic, social and national topics. This is the list of books on sale: …….

Most items hand-made by monks are icons and wood carved objects. These are made in the Cretan Byzantine style and the Macedonian style but fresco and mosaic techniques are also used. Icons on canvas: Α) Original Works; Β) Photocopied replicas.

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